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HotSpot Printing

SBM Stock Ricoh’s HotSpot Printers!!!

Ricoh’s HotSpot Printing enables anyone to print from anywhere using their mobile devices or laptops, without additional I.T support. HotSpot printing is available on a growing number of machines both printers such as; the SP C240DN and SP 4210, as well as multifunctional devices like our special offer the MPC300. Read on about how HotSpot printing could benefit your business…

Ideal For:

Business Environments – Provide a valuable extra service to your; staff, customers or visitors. You could place a HotSpot printer in your reception area, foyer, meeting rooms, or main offices, for all to use.

Cafes and Catering Areas – Attract increased custom by offering mobile printing within your venue.

All Public Areas – Generate additional revenue with a printing service available to all.

Airport Lounges – Why not help your members while they are on the move.

Hotels and Conference Venues – Offer a printing service without the IT set up and add a new revenue stream.

Educational Establishments – Provide easy printing wherever required.

Advanced security features are incorporated in order to ensure that even though printing from your mobile nobody who shouldn’t will be able to get hold of your documents. After printing, the job is automatically erased from printer memory. You can have no worries about unauthorised reprinting, all print jobs are encrypted and remain encrypted whilst awaiting printing. In order to print you must type in the code given so as to release the job this means printed documents will not just be left at the printer for all to see.

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Posted 16th March 2012.