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Direct Toner Deliveries

SBM LogoAs part of our continued efforts to streamline processes from July 2014 SBM will be trialling a direct toner deliver service, this will mean that instead of the toner being delivered to us and then delivered to you by a member of SBM the toner will go direct to you via UPS. Due to it being delivered by a courier we will require a signature upon delivery, SBM will be able to track all deliveries should there be any problems. When you call we will advise you of the new delivery system and give you an estimated delivery day. Please ensure you log your toner order before it runs out – you will receive a warning message on the panel when it is running low so please call us as soon as you see this if you don’t have a spare on site. SBM will of course keep stocks for any emergencies which may arise. SBM will evaluate the success of the new system after three months and will then decide whether to adopt this permanently or not. toner line thin Blog Post – 1st July 2014