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Mobile printing…

SBM are a Gold Accredited Ricoh Partner specialising in managed print services throughout Shropshire and the surrounded counties and as such helping our customers use the latest technology to ensure they are working productively is a top priority.

Recent years have seen a large increase in mobile devices within the workplace; how often for example do you have reps or colleagues come into the office with a mobile phone or tablet containing emails, quotes, or presentation notes and have to get their laptops out to enable them to print? With this latest technology you can now print direct from these devices to your machine giving access to print not only from emails but dropbox, the cloud and web pages. Not only does this technology allow you to print from your devices this product has the ability to ‘Smart Scan’ direct to the device so documents are readily available, however many are still unaware that they can do this.

As we are 100% Ricoh we always advise customers of the wide range of machines and solutions available so contact us today for more information and advice 01952 730 307.

Customer Recommendations

When there have been printer breakdowns or service intervals reached SBM have promtly repaired or serviced the machines. Over the years we have got to know the staff at SBM well and we think of them as friends - they have always looked after us - I can highly recommend them and their business. Simon Grigg, Managing Director, Dance Depot Ltd.