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Ricoh Freedom To Operate

As fully authorised Ricoh dealers SBM got a sneak preview of the new road show ‘Freedom to Operate’, being launched this autumn by Ricoh. There we heard about some exciting new product launches and found out ways in which we may help our customers utilise their resources to further enhance their processes, this included exclusive viewings and demonstrations new and updated versions of hard and software being launched this year.

At SBM we are committed to ensuring we are offering our customers all support we can to minimise their costs and maximise their efficiency, this can be using new software or as simply as making sure they have the correct hardware to meet their needs. This is why we always have a presence at events such as this, so that we want to make sure that our team are fully up to date and can offer the best service and support possible to all customers. So why not let SBM provide you with some of the help and tools you need to really make sure your business makes the most impact whilst being as efficient as possible.

If you would like more information on the show, or feel you could benefit from taking a look at your own processes, please give us a call on 01952 730307 or email

Blog Post – 2nd July 2013.

Customer Recommendations

SBM are fantastic and even donated a brand new colour/copier scanner for our Homework Club. Can't big them up enough……fab! Excellent service, excellent product! Steve Johnson, Wrekin View.