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Save up to 30% of Print Costs

We have realised that many people do not really know what they are paying when it comes to their print costs, this may be due to many factors; what they use, how many people use it, what they are charged per print/copy, how many machines they have and may more. This is why we now undertake free no obligation print audits!


It allows us to go in have a look what you use and all the factors which will contribute to the costs you are faced with and potentially offer you a saving. Obviously if you have all the correct machines at the correct pricing then there wont be anything we can do to help but what’s the harm in checking?

We recently undertook a print audit where we found an organisation had been charged increasingly more as their contract went on but they were not receiving the service they should.  We were able to offer them a solution which would help them out as well as reducing their spending each month… this was without incurring extra settlement charges!

The appointment should not last longer than half an hour, so what do you have to lose?

Book your appointment today by using our ‘Get a Quote’ form, or calling us on 01952 730307!!


Blog Post – 16th April 2012.

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