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Did You Know?

Although you will know what a photocopier is, did you know …

Chester Carlton

Chester Carlton

! The photocopier was invented by Chester Carlton in 1938, he researched the theory as his arthritis meant that hand copying documents was extremely painful. The process was originally called electrophotography.

! You cannot copy money using a modern colour photocopier, there is an embedded pattern which all modern devices recognise, so if you were thinking of trying your luck one lunch break unfortunately it won’t work.

We have all heard the stories of the photocopier being used at drunken office parties, but did you know that 20% of copiers worldwide have had a service call logged due to the pressure applied by someone sitting on the glass? Avoiding the copier after a few drinks saves a very awkward conversation with the engineer who comes in to fix the machine – nothing gets by them.

! Photocopiers don’t use ink, they use toner. Toner granules accept a photostatic charge and as such are attracted to a photosensitive drum, the drum then transfers images to paper.  The toner is sealed to the paper using a heat process.

! Most people/companies do not wipe the memory of their devices before replacing them, it is believed that 60% of all used copiers have data remaining from previous owners. Luckily for our customers, at SBM we wipe all of our hardware when we remove them from a customer site.

Blog Post – 4th March 2014.

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