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Spring Clean Your Costs

Save Costs With a Print AuditIt is that time of year again, the new financial year is upon us and people are again looking at their budgets to see where they can improve.

At SBM we believe that the best way to save costs is to evaluate what you are already spending and try to cut out those which are unnecessary, the good news is when it comes to your print costs we can help with this. We offer a free no obligation print audit, which involves us coming on site, to evaluate what you are using and what you are spending for that usage. We have found it has helped to dramatically reduce spending for many customers, sometimes simply by reducing the number of machines and therefore the amount of consumables required.

To take advantage and book a print audit all you have to do is contact our Shropshire office on 01952 730307. It is free and might just save you some money, so what have you got to lose?

Blog Post – 14th March 2014.